Published on December 2021

World Series on AI Event Report: Data Economy


In 2020, we have produced 2.5 billion GB of data, and this number is in increasing order. Now, how we handle all this data today will also define how we will handle data in our digital future. Therefore, to shape the future of society, this panel discussion investigates the data economy we are living in and discusses the roles different actors will be playing in it, such as governments, the private sector and the citizens. Striving to adopt a more human-centric approach, where the needs, desires and abilities of the web user are at the centre of attention, the invited speakers answer questions such as “How can we provide a trusted, fair and innovative data economy?”, “To what extent do business innovation and the protection of individual rights oppose each other?” and “How can citizens engage themselves to actively fight for their digital rights?”. This event was organized by Diplo Foundation via its Geneva Internet Platform, together with the European Union Delegation to the United Nations in Geneva, the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the UN in Geneva, the Permanent Mission of Slovenia to the UN Office and other international organisations in Geneva in the capacity as Presidency of the Council of the EU.


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