IRCAI Top 100 projects solving problems related to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with the application of Artificial Intelligence


Applicants should use the IRCAI electronic submission system to submit their proposal. The deadline for electronic submissions is 19 April 2024.

We invite proposals form established companies, emerging startups, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, foundations, social enterprises, and academic research institutions.


IRCAI is releasing a compilation of 100 projects dedicated to addressing challenges associated with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). These projects span across all five geographical regions: Africa, Europe and the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, and the Middle East.

The primary objective is to outline and exhibit solutions from a global perspective, and contribute to the SDGs by establishing the world’s most extensive platform for sustainable solutions. IRCAI seeks to promote and enhance applicable solutions that can credibly address real-life developmental challenges, with an emphasis on ethical considerations.

This initiative demonstrates that the integration of AI in the realm of sustainability is not merely emerging but thriving around the world. This development is evident across research groups worldwide, permeating through various entities such as start-ups, established companies, development agencies, and non-profit organisations.


We have assembled a team of independent and impartial judges. After the nomination window closes on 19 April 2024, nominations will be sent to the relevant IRCAI Programme Committees for initial sifting. The panels will each review, categorize and shortlist nominations to go forward into the final list.

Interviews will be held in May 2024 and the results will be announced end of May 2024. The awardees will be invited to deliver a presentation at the IRCAI press conference in one of the following centres of interest, from New York, Paris, London, Dubai, Hong Kong to Ljubljana in June 2024, in the presence of representatives from all UNESCO Member States!


Submission period: 11 December 2023 until 19 April 2024
Shortlist: by end of May 2024

Report announcement: Decision letters will be sent out approximately three weeks after the submission deadline.
Report ceremony: An event will be held in June 2024.


  • Potential applicants should send their questions to
  • The email subject should be “IRCAI TOP 100”. Only questions sent to this mailbox will be answered. Answers will be published periodically and within a reasonable period of time on the IRCAI webpage. The deadline for submitting questions related to this call is 18 April 2022.
  • We expect to inform applicants of the results of the evaluation within 3 weeks of the submission deadline.


This call is being organized by IRCAI in close collaboration with UNESCO Chair in Artificial Intelligence (University College London, UK) with the generous support of Amazon Web Services.


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