HumanE AI Network

Facilitating a European brand of trustworthy, ethical AI that enhances Human capabilities.


The project is a research and innovation action, meaning that the primary focus is on generating new insights and implementing the development of innovative approaches and technologies in the realm of interfaces for artificial intelligence.

What problem is the project is addressing?

The project’s vision revolves around core principles of ethics, values, and trust, embodying the concept of Responsible AI. These principles are intricately entwined with the societal impact of AI, addressing challenges related to the intricate and dynamic interactions between networked AI systems, the environment, and humans.

How is it solving the problem?

Our role in the project is to facilitate the development of a European brand of trustworthy and ethical AI that enhances human capabilities and empowers citizens and society to effectively address the challenges posed by an interconnected and globalised world.

What is the logic of the data in the project?

CyberSANE platform is using various data sources. However, DarkNet component is specifically designed for automatic collection, analysis and visualisation of unstructured data in different languages.

Who are the partners and what data will they provide?

The EU-funded HumanE-AI-Net project unites prominent European research centres, universities, and industrial enterprises, forming a network of centres of excellence.

Tangible results

HumaneAI has developed a Research Roadmap for European Human-Centred AI. This report summarises ideas and considerations that have emerged during the exploration of sustainable ways to foster a large-scale Humane AI community. It is intended as a set of recommendations for funding bodies of the Union, offering insights into the efficient implementation of large-scale, long-term research initiatives in AI and related fields[1].

Furthermore, the HumaneAI partners have delivered a report outlining the necessary steps to organise a community of researchers and innovators around a research program aimed at creating AI technologies that empower humans and improve the quality of life for all[2].

Finally, HumaneAI has also generated a report that presents the foundational principles of Responsible AI, focusing on Adaptability, Responsibility, and Transparency. The document introduces the Design for Values methodology, providing guidance for the development of Responsible AI systems. It discusses how these principles can be integrated into a system development life cycle framework and emphasises legal considerations, particularly Legal Protection by Design (LPbD)[3].





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