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SDG 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal

General description of the AI solution

Our solution, RuleWatcher, is a web service, aiming at solving social issues.
We serve and work together with different stakeholders-citizens, NGOs, researchers, enterprises and governmental bodies to achieve a sustainable world, by providing primary information uniquely collected as their weapon.

Our uniqueness is the data source and a universal format. The sources are from governmental bodies, NGOs, UN agencies and research institutions etc. from all over the world, all of them are primary, in a unified format in a single language, English.

As of September 2022, we collect from around 1000 sources and the amount of data is 1,400,000 articles.
The selection is based on how they relate to the rule-making process especially on environmental and human rights issues. In many cases, we, as a dedicated team, decide which targets to crawl, while in some cases we collaborate with specialists in each sphere and strengthen the coverage.

As of September 2022, our coverage is climate mitigation / adaptation, water resource, micro plastic, biodiversity, circular economy, human rights in general, corporate human rights, beyond capitalism (such as basic income and economic disparity), sustainable finance, food system, blockchain, privacy protection and there are 2 undergoing: climate displacement and intelligent vehicle.

Not only data streaming, but also we offer data analytics tools to make full use of the information. This is to be for researchers and data analysts who write reports on such issues, and one of the think tanks in Japan says that by using RuleWatcher, the cost of collecting data is minimized to be 10% both from human resource and time consumption perspective.

With RuleWatcher, we are aiming toward a sustainable world and democracy in which citizens can fully perform their rights and participate in the rulemaking process, under our company vision, “Our World. Rules by Everybody”.

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22 Sep 2022
Sustainable Trend 2022 (By utilizing RuleWatcher, we published this report )

30 Aug 2022
Climate Displacement Project by Japanese Government

11 Apr 2022
Published in biggest Japanese economic news paper

4 Apr 2022
B-corp Certification

25 Feb 2021 "Japan Patent Attorneys Association Business contest" Grand Prize




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