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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being

General description of the AI solution

Our Remosense unit is a medical device that captures multiple vital signs under a single architecture. This device can measure heart rate, variability of that heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, body temperature, and eight-lead ECG (EKG); it also includes a digital stethoscope. This unique system capability, combined with our remarkable electronic and software architecture, allows some of these vitals to be measured simultaneously. The ability to do this parallel vitals measurement is key to correlating the information against a patient diagnostic. Our go-to-market strategy is the key to getting this patient diagnostic and converting the vital signs into labeled correlated data to apply the Ai methodology. We want to place the Remosense between a remote patient consultation, where the device resides at the patient side, and the remote doctor receives the vital signs information in real-time. The doctor's Diagnostic becomes the label of the data, and Ai takes over the correlation analytics. Between our Remosense as the data generator and Ai tools analyzing the vitals correlation, we intend to find predictability models that will allow the early detection of underlying health conditions for patients. Our system will become a critical tool for the early detection of chronic diseases for patients and a primary data provider for potential epidemic conditions for healthcare providers and governments.

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Findings have not been published for strategic reasons. Once we get to market and secure a proper market share we will expose some of our findings and publish.




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International Research Centre
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Jožef Stefan Institute
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