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Particip.ai CCC – Crises Contact Center and Helpdesk for people in need or with disadvantages

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General description of the AI solution

AI Powered Participation on Information for Everyone
Particip.ai supports people in need or with disadvantages with a voice telephone hotline. Via a phone call, callers are helped with the use of a voice bot and live agents.
To promote inclusion for as many people as possible, Particip.ai has the following four goals:
– Participation in objective information
– Participation in healthcare
– Participation in education
– Participation in value creation

Particip.ai CCC – Crises Contact Centers supports refugees and people in crises regions with accessible and objective information with a voice telephone hotline. With guidance and orientation, we connect people in need with the right NGOs and public institutions. In parallel we support NGOs and public institutions with structured information and offload their contact centers. In addition, our voice assistant can also be used for automated translation services to overcome language barriers as well as geographically localized outbound calls in crisis scenarios to proactively warn people, provide help and answer questions in the shortest possible time.
Particip.ai is currently being used in the Ukraine crisis. It helps Ukrainian refugees with a first level telephone hotline, that shares information, advises them and directs them to the right private or public institution. In addition, Particip.ai CCC relieves NGOs and governments of their contact center volume by covering first-level requests, and for certain use cases, second-level requests. All this with a high scalability and 24/7 availability – powered by our professional live-agents and volunteers in combination with our AI based phonebots.
Particip.ai CCC has been looking for leading NGOs that want to offload their contact center teams and want to connect to refugees through our international toll-free 0800 hotline. For Particip.ai we simply ask NGOs to promote the project through their communication channels and support us with their up-to-date information that our service hotline can.








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