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General description of the AI solution

Market demand:
Pachama is a technology company on a mission to restore nature to solve climate change. Pachama began by using AI and remote sensing technology to verify and monitor carbon captured by forests to help finance conservation and reforestation.
But, its solution has now evolved. Having reviewed over 150 projects globally, Pachama found that there simply aren't enough projects to meet the speed and scale the planet demands.

Amidst growing criticism of forest carbon projects, Pachama expanded its scope to apply its advanced technology earlier in the process – meaning, Pachama is now using tech-enabled insights to improve project origination, including how carbon benefit is quantified – to deliver transparency around the community and biodiversity benefit generated by every project.

Market solution:
This year, Pachama launched Pachama Originals, a new generation of tech-enabled carbon projects. These best-in-class restoration and conservation projects will get high-quality forest carbon projects to market much faster thanks to catalytic corporate investment and the latest in remote sensing and machine learning technology.
This new generation of nature-based projects delivers high integrity, transparent and impactful investments in nature that harness technology, innovative financing and deep local engagement to deliver lasting climate, biodiversity and community impact.
Pachama Originals enables corporate leaders to invest in their own high-quality forest projects from the ground up, secure credits to reach Net Zero, and make a transformative impact on communities and ecosystems for generations to come.
Already three carbon reforestation projects are being originated by Pachama in Brazil and Mexico – with investment from Latin America’s largest e-commerce platform, Mercado Libre – as well as in the U.S.






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