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OmniBot ∞

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1. General


SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being

SDG 4: Quality Education

SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

SDG 10: Reduced Inequality

SDG 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

SDG 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal



2. Project Details

Company or Institution


OmniBot ∞ – AI-powered participation on information for everyone

General description of the AI solution

The OmniBot ∞ – Platform is designed managing for COVID-19 and other scenarios on scale, to:
• Prepare communities globally, to respond effectively to crises
• Prevent the spread of diseases and other impacting scenarios
• Guide people in need and to support their actions
As a central AI Orchestration Platform, OmniBot offers the listed features in real time:
• Conversational interaction on site
• Inbound and fully automatic outbound telephone calls on highest scale for information, guiding and controlling of scenario affected people, on site and on the telephone
The OmniBot AI ∞ Platform enables to communicate with people by telephone or on site not only for COVID-19, but for any other scenario in shortest timeframes and highest scales, to:
• gather and exchange relevant, timely and credible information
• prepare various scenarios and manage warnings and instructions, and
• guide people on site or via media channels
Example scenario: Autonomously evaluating scenarios and spreading information to the local population
Via fully automatic outbound telephone calls and “drop shipping devices” doctors, local health authorities and the local population can be interviewed to assess the local health situation accordingly or in regular timeframes. In case of reported infections in a certain geographical region, cell phone-towers/radio masts can be used to locate people in the specific area and autonomously initiate telephone calls to inform and guide the people on site. In addition, people may be asked by telephone to visit diagnostic centers or be guided to other locations.
The OmniBot AI Orchestration Platform is multi-channel designed – not only Web, App, Chat, but also phone – to address the fact that as much as 40% of the world’s population does not have access to the internet and in many regions more than 30% of the local population can’t read or write. With the OmniBot ∞, Information can be provided to anyone with access to a telephone via inbound, outbound and automated calls by location-based data.



3. Aspects

Excellence and Scientific Quality: Please detail the improvements made by the nominee or the nominees’ team or yourself if your applying for the award, and why they have been a success.

Voice & Conversational AI orchestration Platform
The core and AI orchestration layer of the OmniBot ∞ Platform is based on the OmniBot Voice and Natural Language Processing (NLP) Bot platform for designing and integrating Virtual Assistants. The platform has been designed as a full “end-to-end”-solution allowing government, agencies, companies, the OEM and resellers who customize bot solutions for government, institutions and enterprises, to take control and own the complete quickly, cost-effectively development and management of their own chat- and voicebots.
OmniBot has built and can deliver today complete AI / NLP based bots that represent the state of the art in multi-task based, conversational bots. One important advantage that OmniBot has over its competitors is the ease of building and managing the bots. OmniBot is a complete SDK providing all documentation, tools, templates and libraries for multiple platforms required for building and integrating scalable enterprise ready virtual assistants. This speeds up the bot integration process and reduces costs and complexity, increases productivity and quality.
OmniBot is Member of World Economic Forum Global innovators as “One of the World most promising Scale-Ups”. OmniBot team includes Jeff Adams, formerly head of research and development for Nuance and of the Amazon team developing “Alexa”.

Scaling of impact to SDGs: Please detail how many citizens/communities and/or researchers/businesses this has had or can have a positive impact on, including particular groups where applicable and to what extent.

The OmniBot ∞ Platform is multi-channel designed – not only Web, App, Chat, but also phone – to address the fact that as much as
– 40% of the world’s population does not have access to reliable Internet services,
– 34% of the world’s population is dyslexic (has a read/write/speak disability),
– 28% of the world’s population is blind or visually impaired
– 13% of the world’s population is illiterate (did not learn to read or write).
With the OmniBot ∞ Platform Voice & Conversational AI technologies can be orchestrated and information provided to anyone with access to a telephone via inbound, outbound and automated calls by location-based data. Furthermore, the interaction is human-centered for the users.

The OmniBot ∞ Platform is particularly suitable for
1. Governments and health institutions: inbound calls for answering and feedback, outbound calls for warning and guiding, automated calls, situation verification and control
2. Companies and small businesses: inbound calls for customer service, outbound calls for survey, retail safety (POS)
The OmniBot ∞ Platform is designed managing for COVID-19 and other scenarios to prepare communities globally, to respond effectively to crises, to prevent the spread of diseases and other impacting scenarios and to guide people in need and to support their actions.

Scaling of AI solution: Please detail what proof of concept or implementations can you show now in terms of its efficacy and how the solution can be scaled to provide a global impact ad how realistic that scaling is.

OmniBot offers a flexible Voice & Conversational AI Orchestration Platform with high data privacy standards. The Platform enables even non-technical Users to setup simple and customized Bots as well as technical Users to setup advanced and individual Bots on one central Self Service Platform – plus matches the offer and demand between each other.
OmniBot’s proprietary platform is available as a SaaS, a private hosted service or as an on-premise licensed software solution. All customer data collected as well as the NLU models and training data themselves are owned by the enterprise. No matter the deployment method, OmniBot clients receive and own all their customer and conversational assistant related data as their own IP. OmniBot is fully GDPR compliant and can configured to meet any data privacy or security requirements. The OmniBot Platform allows high scale Voice-Telephony in- and outbound calls. These high volume calling capabilities can be levered for customer/partner services, general contact center applications but also for large scale market research, surveys and intelligence information gathering.
OmniBot is currently deployed in a broad range of industry use cases including healthcare, automotive, customer support, sales enablement, telecom, transportation, finance, and education: Volkswagen (VW, Leading Automotive Manufacturer, GER), Deutsche Telekom (Leading Telecommunication Provider, GER), Deutsch Bahn (DB – Leading Railway Operator, GER), FernUniversität Hagen (Germany’s largest University, GER). In addition, OmniBot works with Majorel (BPO with more than 64,000 employees) servers it’s customers with the OmniBot platform.

Ethical aspect: Please detail the way the solution addresses any of the main ethical aspects, including trustworthiness, bias, gender issues, etc.

OmniBot ∞ counteracts critical issues within society, such as the exclusion of certain population groups from the benefits of new AI technologies, by enabling both inbound and outbound calls via telephone and by making a functioning internet connection not a necessary condition for use. The OmniBot ∞ platform therefore contributes to counteracting social asymmetries (wealth of individuals and level of development in the country). At the same time, the platform takes into account numerous people with disabilities (dyslexia, blindness, illiteracy) through embedded telephony.
OmniBot is Member of World Economic Forum Global innovators as “One of the World most promising Scale-Ups”. OmniBot’s Co-Founder and CEO Jascha Stein is contributor of the framework “Chatbots RESET”. The principles formulated here, which are to be understood as guidelines in the development of chatbots in the health sector, are always taken into account and integrated in the various use cases of OmniBot already at the development stage.


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