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United Kingdom

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDG 4: Quality Education

SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG 10: Reduced Inequality

General description of the AI solution

Due to continuously evolving pressures on the workforce, there has never been a greater need for adults to re/upskill to keep/secure employment.

The affordability/feasibility/flexibility of online courses make them an ideal and inclusive solution to re/upskill populations. They enable anyone, anywhere to learn/gain skills at any time. Importantly, they offer a COVID-19 transmission-free approach to tackling skills gaps across industries/economies.

However, the market for online courses has become saturated with >110k courses provided by>1000 different institutions across >40 platforms. Therefore, many struggle to engage/benefit from online courses due to challenges in finding suitable courses tailored to their needs/preferences/skillsets/careers. Learners are wasting time and money on the wrong courses, evidenced by the 90% dropout rates for online courses – this is preventing people from effectively upskilling/retraining.

Learnisa is the only AI-powered platform that best-matches learners to the most suitable online courses.
Learnisa intelligently scans >110,000 courses across the market to provide personalised course recommendations to learners that are optimised for their success (whether to land a new job, progress within their job, support their academic studies or just learn something new). Importantly, Learnisa can provide learning recommendations for 1800+ occupations.

Learnisa has also developed an AI-powered recruitment feature that matches job-seeking learners to the most suitable job vacancies. Impressively, Learnisa provides personalised learning recommendations per job vacancy to enable learners to address personal skills gaps and maximise their chances of securing employment. By uniting both education and employment, Learnisa will empower and enable the re/upskilling of populations and facilitate the efficient migration of labour across sectors, which is essential given the disruption of automation/COVID-19/economic crises.

Learnisa firmly believes in the transformative impact of learning and education. Through Learnisa, learners and jobseekers can develop the RIGHT skills to better their life prospects, regardless of who they are or why they need to re/upskill.







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