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SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being

SDG 10: Reduced Inequality

General description of the AI solution

Africa has less than 2 radiologists per million compared to the UK with 85 per million and 30 per million in Malaysia. Where radiologists exist in Africa, their distribution is skewed in favour of urban areas – creating a huge service gap. Additionally, up to 33% of all radiological investigations require a second opinion. Some of the current workarounds are Teleradiology – sending images from one place to another for analysis, and Task Shifting – training non-medical staff to handle the great medical workload.

Xolani Health aims to close these service gaps by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and has developed an app called DICOM X. All medical images come in a DICOM format and are viewed in a DICOM Viewer software. This seems the most natural place to put AI for disease diagnosis – as the image is being viewed, the AI can create a heat-map or mask of areas of interest – using Image Segmentation Deep Learning models. The doctor's attention is drawn to those areas and diagnosis is much faster and more accurate – all at a very affordable price – for as low as 25 cents per scan.

We have a lot of African startups in the field of medical imaging. But not many are focused on looking for practical and cost-effective way of integrating into routine clinical practice. For example, most DICOM images are quite large. We have built technology in our current web app where instead of uploading a 1GB image to the cloud for analysis by a 20MB pre-trained model (XolaNet), we will bring the model down the local device for analysis. This will be very useful in areas where there's isn't superfast internet connections. This feature will be available on our web, mobile and PC apps.


We haven’t published any articles. However, here are a list of our achievements so far since our inception in 2021:

October 25-27th 2022: Exhibitor at the Annual Digital Nigeria Conference and Exhibition, Abuja, Nigeria.

October 13th, 2022: “Speedy Diagnosis and Better Clinical Decision-making Using AI”. Presentation at the North Star Stage, GITEX Global in Dubai, UAE.

August 2022: Accepted to participate in a leading Startup Accelerator in Tel-Aviv, Israel – with $120k investment

March 2022: One of 8 startups selected (out of over 5000 applicants) to participate in iHatch Incubation Program, the first cohort of the jointly funded NITDA (National Information Technology Development Agency, Nigeria) and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan) program. (Was that First Prize winner of JICA $15,000 grant for iHatch Demo Day in September and Hosted Imoto Sachiko, JICA’s Senior Vice President at our office on the 5th of October)

February 2022: Got angel investment of $20,000 from Deepblue Ventures




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