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General description of the AI solution

The project in short
It is a vertical wind turbine consisting of three wings or frames, with a vertical pillar passing through the middle, which is the main axis in the system around which the wings move.
Free wind turbine: It is a vertical wind turbine to generate electricity from wind movement
This new design provides a solution to several problems, the most important of which is a solution to the problem of the global deficit in the production of the necessary amount of electric energy and solution to the problem of increasing global warming due to the use of traditional electric power generation systems due to the use of fuel and fossil fuels.
The target market is very large areas of the world because of the world's need to activate the utilization of green energy to avoid potential future risks from global warming, which has become a real threat to the world.

The traditional green energy systems suffer from problems that kept them away from the first option to solve the problems facing the world for several reasons, including some problems related to the efficiency and effectiveness of traditional green energy systems, as well as the high costs of installing these systems and the instability of energy output throughout the year, so we designed a new pneumatic system to generate energy Electricity depends on the low air velocity to produce electric power, which provides the opportunity to build new fields to generate electric power in places where traditional systems cannot benefit from them due to the low wind speed.
The new system is also less expensive in manufacturing, transportation, and installation and much easier to maintain than the previous system and this solution Thanks to an invented mechanical system, he added freedom to the air turbine because it is easy to move and has little friction and also bears high wind speeds without damaging the system and this is through moving blades inside the wings that prevent the passage of air from the wing and allow the air to pass through the second wing, which leads to the rotation of the system sequentially with the presence of Air movement at a speed of 8 kilometers per hour as a minimum to generate electrical energy.
It is considered one of the artificial intelligence projects because it is able to study the market need for electrical energy through a computerized electronic system that studies the market need and decides the amount of energy needed for the market and disposes of the surplus by converting the surplus into hydrogen fuel and storing it for use in cases of few green energy sources.




International Research Centre
on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI)
under the auspices of UNESCO 

Jožef Stefan Institute
Jamova cesta 39
SI-1000 Ljubljana



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