2021 | Agribusiness | Early stage | Mexico | SDG3

1. General


SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being



2. Project Details

Company or Institution

Stevco SAPI de C.V.



General description of the AI solution

We are a startup that implements technology in poultry production through a social model to produce meat with superior organoleptic characteristics and Omega 3 content.





3. Aspects

Excellence and Scientific Quality: Please detail the improvements made by the nominee or the nominees’ team or yourself if your applying for the award, and why they have been a success.

At TRL we are in place seven, because we have an industrial prototype that consists of a hydroponic unit technologically equipped with different sensors to measure temperature, carbon dioxide, data integrators for analysis of growth and health of chickens.

Scaling of impact to SDGs: Please detail how many citizens/communities and/or researchers/businesses this has had or can have a positive impact on, including particular groups where applicable and to what extent.

Artificial intelligence allows to create predictive models on the health and growth of animals in order to improve the health and well-being of consumers and reduce the impact of pollution on the planet, artificial intelligence will also allow to establish the most optimal models in the logistics of distribution between producing communities and cities where the main amounts of consumption are concentrated.

Scaling of AI solution: Please detail what proof of concept or implementations can you show now in terms of its efficacy and how the solution can be scaled to provide a global impact ad how realistic that scaling is.

We have three production units in communities in central Mexico and an experimental farm where processes and products are improved that are later replicated in the distributed production units.

Ethical aspect: Please detail the way the solution addresses any of the main ethical aspects, including trustworthiness, bias, gender issues, etc.

It is a social model that empowers rural communities with technology, skills and knowledge transfer for the production of meat with premium quality and Omega 3 content. Where we democratize good practices, inclusion of women, gender equality.


International Research Centre
on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI)
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Jožef Stefan Institute
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