International World Artificial Intelligence Day

IRCAI aims to put in place a bid to the United Nations to register the World Artificial Intelligence Day to be celebrated
around the world as a United Nations designated celebration.

It will reflect the theme of importance of trust, ethical approaches, innovation and the public good in national systems introducing AI. The celebration is a global collaborative endeavor, organized under the guidance of IRCAI and UNESCO, defining global key messages and making available outreach resources to countries and other partners through IRCAIs website.

Considering that Artificial Intelligence affects peace, ethics and development, and must be used for peaceful and sustainable societies, UNESCO launched a global online consultation on the ethics of artificial intelligence, to give everyone around the world the opportunity to participate in the work of its international group of experts on AI.

IRCAI has been charged with analysing the comments to the first draft of a Recommendation on the Ethics of AI, to be submitted to UNESCO Member States for adoption in November 2021. If adopted, it will be the first global normative instrument to address the developments and applications of AI.

IRCAI therefore endorses the view that such a celebration as the World Artificial Intelligence Day would be an asset for both organization’s image and visibility, particularly in the context of the follow-up to the Recommendation on the Ethics of AI, to be submitted to UNESCO Member States for adoption in November 2021.

IRCAI therefore will invite the Member States and the Director-General to develop a feasibility study, and (ii) contribute to the establishment and implementation of the World Artificial Intelligence Day, (iii) support recognized national, regional and international activities undertaken as part of this annual celebration and (iv) encourage Member States, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, universities, research institutions, learned societies, professional associations and schools to take an active part in the event.


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