International Journal of Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development

IRCAI aims to launch a Journal of AI for SD (JAI4SD) which would be an academic journal seeking academic papers that address the application of novel AI techniques to either advancing Sustainable Development or enhancing the measurement of KPIs associated with the SDGs.

As an interdisciplinary journal it would involve editors and reviewers with expertise in both AI and the domains of the different SDGs. Papers would be considered for their innovation in both AI and in innovative applications of AI either to furthering the realisation of the different SDGs or towards measuring KPIs associated with the different SDGs.

A typical submission should demonstrate how the innovation has the potential to deliver significant impact in the realisation of the SDGs through demonstrations of its efficacy. We will encourage submissions from all parts of the world where local solutions have demonstrated effective impact in particular regions. The journal will be particularly interested in studies that consider the interrelatedness of different SDGs and interventions that exploit synergies between them or ensure potential negative influences on other SDGs are minimised.

The journal will also contain a Communications section aimed at a broader audience that would publish articles with a number of different themes:

Articles summarise research results from a group of papers showing how they contribute to a broader agenda that can create significant impact through the application of AI to one or more SDGs. The focus of an individual paper could be on the group of technologies that have a range of applications or on a particular SDG challenge and the group of technologies that together can make an impact on that challenge. The articles would also highlight missing pieces of technology that could enhance the impact of existing developments, as well as highlighting further technology transfer that would be required to realise the potential of existing research results.

Articles would also be welcomed that were ‘twinned’ with a technical paper submitted to AI4SD, but present the results and their potential impact to a wider audience.

Articles introducing AI to a broader audience and helping to demystify it as well as potentially highlighting the ethical and policy debates about its best use and dissemination.


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