International Awards on Excellent Research in Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Development

IRCAI is launching its Research Awards for Impact of AI on Sustainable Development as an international competition focused on AI and sustainability solutions that honors outstanding business and research contributions to the UN’s SDGs and Global Goals.

We aim to showcase and advance the state-of-the-art in some of the most challenging and exciting problems in Development with Artificial Intelligence, not only in the Global South but also the Global North.

Together, IRCAI and UNESCO have an outreach of 193 countries around the world and a network can reach hundreds of AI researchers across continents.

Awards are structured as unrestricted gifts to the principal investigator or his or her academic institution or organisation. As such, IRCAI retains no intellectual property rights to the resulting work. The award is not a financial gift but a stamp of approval for the achieved results.
Recipients are encouraged to publish outcomes and commit related code to open-source repositories, and they can receive consultation and advice along with opportunities to participate in research events and training sessions.

The IRCAI Research Award aims to empower researchers across diverse themes that combine AI and SDGs who might otherwise not reach a meaningful impact or have a voice.

The award is aimed at companies and researchers focusing on SDGs with AI, pointing at global SDG solutions.

The award celebrates the best corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives and programs, business models using AI services, and excellent research from around the world.

An expert panel of judges will be formed by domain and AI experts and will evaluate submissions to find the most inspiring examples of AI solutions focused on solving development challenges.

Stakeholders from six UNESCO world regions, including Africa, Arab States, Asia and the Pacific, Europe and North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean, will be invited to submit applications.


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