The IRCAI Industrial Club is a new and unique platform that unites businesses, innovators, and thought leaders in the realm of AI and sustainability.



It aims to create a collaborative ecosystem where members can share knowledge, foster partnerships, and drive progress in sustainable development goals (SDGs) through AI.

The Club offers a variety of benefits to its members, including access to the NAIXUS global network of AI and SDG researchers, AI professionals, opportunities for collaborative research and development, participation in exclusive events and workshops, and a platform to showcase innovative solutions and success stories.

We want to make a significant step toward uniting the power of AI with the principles of sustainable development. By joining the Club, companies and startups will not only contribute to but also shape the future of sustainable, trustworthy, human-centered, and ethical AI practices but will also be able to connect with researchers and policymakers around the world.


As a member of the IRCAI Industrial Club, you will have opportunities to:

  • Network with other startups, researchers, and practitioners in the field.
  • Participate in workshops, webinars, and events organized by IRCAI and the Naixus Network of Excellence.
  • Access resources and expertise that could support the development of your project.
  • Receive updates and calls for future funding opportunities and collaborations.

In broad terms the value proposition is the following:


  1. Collaborative Network and Partnerships:
    The Club provides an unparalleled opportunity for members to connect with a global network of AI and sustainability experts, creating potential for collaborative projects and partnerships.
  2. Knowledge Exchange and Learning:
    Members will have access to cutting-edge research, insights, and trends in AI and sustainable development, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.
  3. Visibility and Brand Enhancement:
    Being part of the IRCAI Industrial Club enhances brand visibility and reputation in international AI circles, positioning member companies at the forefront of AI-driven sustainable development.
  4. Access to Resources and Expertise:
    The Club offers access to a wealth of resources, including research partnerships, and technical expertise, which can accelerate product development and innovation.
  5. Policy Influence and Thought Leadership:
    Members will have a platform to influence policy discussions and contribute to shaping the future of AI and sustainable development, establishing themselves as thought leaders in the field.
  6. Exclusive and Specialised Events and Workshops:
    The Club organizes in partnership with UNESCO and other UN agencies exclusive events, workshops, and webinars, offering members opportunities to learn, network, and collaborate with peers and experts.
  7. Support for Ethical and Responsible AI Development:
    The Club emphasizes ethical and responsible development of AI, aligning with UNESCO’s principles and global standards, thereby supporting members in developing and deploying AI responsibly.


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