IRCAI global top 100 submission
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  • Summarize (in min 250 to max 500 words) the nominee’s achievements in the use of Artificial Intelligence to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Please describe whether the activities took place in technology, policy and practice, or research and development. Please specify whether the impact was achieved at a local, national or international level. Topics to help you with your answers:
    • How does the nominee's AI work help address the UN SDGs?
    • Why should the nominee win the IRCAI AI Award?
    • What is the nominee’s main contribution within her/his/its field of activity?
    • How important are the nominees’ contributions, considering the specific circumstances in which this has been performed?
    • In what ways has the nominee made outstanding achievements and provided stimulation and groundwork for further impact?
    • Can the nominee's contribution be considered to be of lasting significance, and does it have impact on the day to day life of citizens?
    • Has the nominee’s work been carried out in an under-resourced environment that requires extraordinary determination, management and energy?
    • How will the award help the nominee?
  • Notes:
    • Please include letters from between 2 and 4 endorsers, chosen to represent a range of perspectives, institutions, and/or communities.
    • The letters need to provide additional insights or evidence of the nominee’s impact.
    • Each letter should include the endorser details and focus on the accomplishments.
    • Please ensure that the letters use a legible font size, include a letter heading/logo where appropriate, and are signed and dated.
    Max. file size: 2 MB.
  • Please include the following:
    • Relevant publications, including any outside the research domain.
    • Links to tangible results, prototypes, projects, or anything else to show impact in real-life.
    • Connections to NGOs, IGOs, local communities, companies, etc.
    • Please ensure that the vitae uses a legible font size.
    Max. file size: 2 MB.
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